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5 Hot HR Trends 2014-2015

Everything in the cloud - it is the most modern trend in business. Using cloud services is cheaper and more agile than having everything in-house. The days of huge, monolithic HRMS solutions are over. The small and agile organisations needs a solution that fits their growth agenda.

The latest HR Trends include:

HR in the Cloud is the underlying basis for all other HR trends. The vendor comes with the solution that incorporates other trends or they can be easily built on top of the solution. However, most modern and agile HR solutions are accessible from any device, and they include a strong data privacy solution, that protects sensitive business data.

Social collaboration supports and enables innovations. HR should implement a simple solution that provokes employees to share ideas. However, the solution cannot disturb and annoy employees. It must work as the inspiration tool; it cannot push ideas to heads.

5 Hot HR Trends 2014

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