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Employee Attitude Matrix

Employee engagement and the performance management are the integral part of advanced HR Responsibilities. However, each HR Professional should be able to divide employees into key 4 groups based on their satisfaction and commitment. Most organisations run employee opinion surveys, and they measure the commitment and engagement of employees. They need data to design an action plan that addresses a lack of commitment.

Employees can be divided into 4 groups using the employee commitment and employee satisfaction. They can be apostles, mercenaries, hostages and terrorists. The organisation should have a plan for all groups because they have different needs. They need to receive different messages from the leadership team.

Two segments require a special attention from Human Resources and from the leadership team. The company has to take a special care, apostles and terrorists. Apostles are important for the change management because they support changes and they welcome new products. Terrorists are able to stop any change if chance is given to them.

Mercenaries are usually the most dangerous group. They support changes but they are not stable. Terrorists can make them allies in the internal war. Hostages should be paired with apostles.

Employee Attitude Matrix

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