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Key Employee Engagement Principles

Employee engagement has a significant impact on the productivity and performance of employees in the organization. The engagement of employees has the same importance as the performance management. Dissatisfied employees do not perform at their best, and they bring no new ideas on the table. Such an organization does not innovate its products, and profits suffer.

Successful employee engagement starts with the respect. The leadership team has to demonstrate the respect to employees. It has to demonstrate that the respect among employees is a core value of the organization, and not following the core principle has a zero tolerance.

Second important principle of employee engagement is about the acceptance of different behaviours and approaches. The top management has to listen to many different ideas before taking a serious decision that has an impact on all employees. Everyone should feel that his or her proposal was heard, and it was somehow included in the final decision making process.

And then… employees have to feel as contributing team members. They have to feel that the organization values them as useful individuals that does not hire and fire employees without any visible strategy. The company has to take care, and it has to respect all employees and treat them fairly.

Employee Engagement Principles

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