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How to start the successful recruitment agency?

Many recruitment specialists leave Human Resources, and they set the new recruitment agency. It is a business that can operate almost without any initial capital, and it can generate cash flow almost from the Day 1. However, the competition is tough and most new recruitment agencies fail. The founder does not follow basic rules how to set the new recruitment agency, and make it a trustful partner for clients and job candidates.

Before starting the agency, you have to investigate the market and estimate the market potential. You have to identify potential opportunities on the market and design the right mix of products and services offered to clients. You have to speak to HR Professionals in other companies to find out which recruitment agencies they use and why. Do not be worried to ask about strenghts and weaknesses. By addressing weaknesses of other agencies you can build a strong competitive advantage.

Additionally, talk to job candidates. Identify why they applied and how they found the vacancy. The excellent recruitment agency needs to use recruitment channels that candidates read and follow.

How to start the recruitment agency

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