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Social Media in HR Recruitment and Staffing: Benefits

The recruitment and staffing was the first HR function to use social media. The recruiters are acquiring talents from the job market; they steal high potentials from other companies; they understand how the world works. They understand how important communication is. Social media gives them the opportunity to send the right messages to right audiences. They can engage to them; they can offer help, and they can build strong networks of followers.

However, social media have other benefits for Human Resources. They can support the employer brand and related activities. HR can growth the presence of the brand just in strictly defined target communities, and it can build rich recruitment pools. Additionally, HR can support the retention of employees. They can be internally hired into global teams. They do not have to move outside of the current office, and they can join meetings around the Globe. They can share best practices, and they can interview job candidates from different countries.

And one more important moment … you can do social media at low costs.

HR, Social Media and Recruitment: Benefits

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