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HR Strategy Development Phases

The HR Strategy is one of the key strategies owned by the leadership team in the organization. It is not a document that is prepared, owned and executed just by the HR Department. It is a philosophy used for the management and development of the human capital in the company with the goal to gain a competitive advantage.

However, the organization has to go through several stages of the HR Strategy development. The organization cannot implement the most advanced HR Management practices and processes because line managers and employees would not accept such a huge change of their roles and responsibilities.

The development has several stages. It starts with the implementation of the basic personnel administration that can be quickly advanced into a personal management. For many businesses the personal management is sufficient, and they do not require any additional investments into the development of the HR Strategy and HR Processes. However, the advanced modern businesses have to continue in the advancement of HR services.

The development of HR Strategy continues with the roll out of the full HR Management that manages tactically most important processes like the recruitment and staffing. However, it still misses the full link to the overall business strategy. It is the last stage when HR Management becomes a full and integral part of the entire business system through the HR Strategy.

HR Strategy Development Phases

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