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HR Transformation Process

The HR Transformation is a process, it is not just a one time activity. It has a clearly defined beginning and it has to define the end. The team has to describe the final status of the HR Organisation. The team members have to be able to recognise a difference between the start and the finish line.

A successful HR transformation is always put into the right business context. It explains why the transformation is necessary. It explains all the root causes and describes the final vision of the new HR Organisation.

Then, the team has to define right outcomes of the transformation. It is a long journey and outcomes help to shape the way forward. Moreover, outcomes are important for internal clients. They support the transformation because they will realise benefits. They would not support any transformation just as a nice play of the HR Management team.

The redesign of Human Resources is the most technical steps. It is about designing new roles and responsibilities for units and employees in Human Resources, redesigning processes and introducing new updated procedures and policies.

The last process step is about making people accountable… not just for the transformation but make them accountable for running transformed processes …

HR Transformation Process

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