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Fundamentals of the HR Management

The basic HR Management is not a rocket science. It is just about the introduction of basic HR Management Processes, Procedures and Policies. Most small and medium enterprises do not require any additional HR services, because the top management knows all employees by name. They do not need any special HR processes like the sophisticated succession planning processes, because they know potential successors by heart.

The fundamentals of the HR Management are simple: Compliance, Administration, Staffing and Performance. These 4 elements should be always present. The Compliance is extremely important because the company that does not meet the compliance standards loses talents. Top talent will always look for the best place to work; they will look for the company that is fair to its employees and partners.

The Administration should not be forgotten. It is not the process with the value added, but it protects the organization. It provides data for other departments. It drives the essential satisfaction of employees with provided services.

The Staffing is about the ability of the company to hire new talents from the job market. HR needs to standardise the process and introduce the basic process ownership and roles & responsibilities. The last fundamental of HR is about the Performance. It includes basic Pay for Performance and at least one competitive benefit for employees.

HR Management Fundamentals

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