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Internal Employer Branding

The internal employer branding needs to be a natural part of the overall and complex employer branding strategy of the organisation. The company has to send the same message externally and internally. Moreover, the internal messages has to be even more focused on promoting the right values of the business.

Human Resources should not be alone in the internal employer branding. Marketing and Communication department share this activity and its processes with HR professionals. They have to design the Brand Guide for internal purposes, for project managers and simple tools for all employees.

The power of the internal branding works when employees see the unified style and consistent messages everywhere. There should be no department that does not follow rules set by Marketing and HR. It is important because job candidates can see pieces of internal messages, and they need to feel the power of the internal brand.

HR and Marketing should set the campaign for the entire year. Each month should have a topic and all posters and communication sent to employees should support the topic.

Internal Employer Branding

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