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Most Common Lean Management Implementation Failures

The introduction of the continuous improvement often fails. The leadership team does not recognise the resistance of line managers, and does not handle all complaints and obstacles during the implementation. The gap between employees and the leadership team widens, leaving both sides without important information about the progress of the implementation of the lean management practices.

The lean management is not just a technique; it is a change of the corporate culture and of the approach how to solve issues, design new processes and develop new products. The methodology is rich and offers many tools but they just support; they are not lean on their own. The leadership team has to sponsor lean management training sessions and incorporate Human Resources to change the corporate culture of the organisation.

The implementation of the lean management principles in the business requires a strong push from the top management. The leadership team has to involve all employees, and it has to manage expectations. Initial training sessions should identify all centres of the resistance against upcoming changes. The team has to engage all managers and provide them with a vision how their job will look in the near future.

Lean Management Implementation Failures

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