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Lean Management Principles to Uncover Potential

Productivity, performance and innovations are the key imperatives for the leadership teams of most western businesses. Companies waste much of people’s abilities in common work roles. The lean management is one of many techniques to unlock the full potential of employees and organisations.

The lean management is about a cultural change in the organization. It is about the introduction of simpler processes and making people responsible for their jobs. They are not just responsible, but they also gain decision making power. With this combination each employee can find a better and quicker way how to reach goals within a certain budget.

The lean management principles are not difficult to explain. However, they are extremely difficult to implement. All line management levels see the principles as a danger for their jobs. They are right, because empowered employees require less control, and they do not need to ask for the approval. The empowered employees are smart enough to organise their work and set up right project teams.

Each successful implementation of the lean management starts with setting boundaries to line managers. They have to accept new managerial roles in the organization and they have to support new corporate values.

Lean Management Principles

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