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Organization Design in Context

Each organization has a structure, formal or informal. The organization requires efficiency and productivity. The effective organization gains the competitive advantage. The organization design is a discipline how the organization should structure itself to realise maximum benefits.

The organization design is about organizing, ordering or putting the teams into systemic form. The organization has a purpose, and the design supports the timely delivery of orders and requests. Each organization works with inputs and outputs and teams should be organized around responsibilities and process. The leadership team has to choose if responsibilities or processes have a higher priority to accomplish tasks and requests.

The organization design is a young discipline in most businesses. However, as a part of Human Resources, it connects strategic HR processes with the design of the organization. It sets the basic principles for managers and leaders when they set up a new department. It lays basic rules for the redesign of the organization, and how the redesign has to be done without compromising the speed and quality of outputs.

Human Resources is the owner of the organization design; it connects the design with the corporate culture and values of the organization. It can build a strong and efficient framework for the organization to drive the productivity and efficiency.

Organisation Design in Context

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