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Star Model to Design New Strategy

The strategy star model is an excellent tool for designing, updating or describing the business strategy. Moreover, it is a great tool to describe the HR Strategy of the organisation. It navigates the group through several areas the excellent strategy should utilise.

A good HR Strategy changes the HR Department. It has to change its roles, its processes, its capabilities and it has to change few roles in the team, usually. Some people are not willing to enhance responsibilities, they do not like such dramatic changes in their work life.

The star model allows a honest assessment of all aspects of the organization. It is highly useful for larger organization that need to gain speed and enrich job roles throughout the business. The large organizations are not agile, and they can lose market position against small and agile new entrants. Clients are not loyal anymore.

The new strategy is about the realignment of the company. The team has to think all aspects through, and it has to propose difficult solutions for the leadership team. No change of the business is easy, including Human Resources. This model navigates the team and help to interconnect proposals in different areas so that the team prepares a complete proposal of the change.

Strategy Star Model

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