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Value Added HR System

The value added HR system is a complex system of interconnected HR functional areas and underlying values behind systems and processes. This should be the ultimate of any advanced HR Strategy. The system that works smoothly. The environment that is friendly and fair to all employees and managers.

The value added HR system is a learning system, and incorporates new innovative and productive ideas as soon as possible. All ideas are welcome and HR does evaluate all proposals without judging.

A good system creates the value. It supports employees and managers to bring proposals on the table and makes sure that the best innovative ideas are successfully implemented. It recognises employees who are proactive, willing to learn and behave as role models.

A system has to engage employees. The proposal should be sent to all employees, and all improvements should be included before making a final decision. Engaged and empowered employees are always a strong competitive advantage.

Innovations are also a sign of the value added HR system. Innovations require a specific framework in the organisation. They require the management that supports creative and crazy ideas that can change the industry.

Value Added HR System

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